Studies Under taken by Agricultural Policy Planning Division

Sl. No.

Name of the Study


Assessing the Subsector contribution of State income and its potential


Evaluation of rice productivity improvement In Tamil Nadu


Evaluation of major Rainfed Crop Production Programmes for Increasing the Productivity in Dry Land Agriculture


Evaluation of Horticultural Development Programme


Constraint analysis in the utilization of Agricultural Marketing Institutions with special reference to regulated market


Extension Methodology for effective dissemination of technology to the farming community

Dairy development schemes


Poultry development schemes

9 Animal disease control measures

Small ruminants development schemes

11 Fisheries schemes

Development of veterinary institutions, measures for strengthening the veterinary services and effective disease control and training centre-industry-institution links

13 To Quantify the Impact of Energy Crisis on Irrigation
14 Study on Nutrient Composition of Millets and Ways to Minimize Loss During Processing And Value Addition
15 Strategies to Mitigate the Impact of Poor Monsoon on Agriculture
16 Identification of Strategies to increase the Productivity at Small and Marginal Farms in Tamil Nadu
17 Report on Evaluation study of Augmenting Fertility and Reproductive Potential in Buffaloes through Estrus Synchronization Using low cost and indigenously developed Progesterone implant at backward blocks of Krishnagiri District