Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme


The Tamil Nadu government initiated the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme for primary school children in government schools on a pilot basis on September 15, 2022. Subsequently, recognising its positive impact, the scheme was extended statewide to encompass all primary school children attending government schools. The primary objectives of the programme are to ensure that students attend school without hunger, mitigate the risk of malnutrition, and enhance nutritional status, particularly addressing the high prevalence of anaemia. Additionally, the scheme aims to increase attendance and retention rates among primary school children, ultimately alleviating the burden on working mothers. 

To assess the effectiveness of the breakfast scheme, the State Planning Commission has undertaken a comprehensive study covering 100 primary schools across the state. The evaluation will focus on attendance rates, classroom engagement, academic performance, nutritional status, and the perspectives of both teachers and parents.

The Evaluation is in Process