Illam Thedi Kalvi Scheme


The Illam Thedi Kalvi (Education at the Doorstep) scheme was initiated by the School Education Department to mitigate the educational setbacks resulting from the prolonged closure of schools during the two-year COVID-19 lockdown. 

The rapid assessment of the program’s impact was undertaken by the State Planning Commission through a comprehensive survey conducted in September 2022. This assessment engaged the active participation of volunteers, teachers, headmasters, and parents associated with 362 schools across six districts: Ariyalur, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Salem, Thiruvarur, and Villupuram.

Key Insights

1. Parents reported a noticeable improvement in their children’s learning experiences, noting that education has become a more enjoyable activity for them.

2. Teachers confirmed that the play-based approach implemented by ITK has reignited children’s interest in learning. As a result, students are interacting more freely and actively participating in regular classes.

3. Students demonstrated an increased interest in mathematics within their standard classrooms and exhibited significant progress in language skills.

4. Both volunteers and teachers expressed a desire for the continuation of the ITK program, underscoring its perceived value and impact on the educational development of the students.