Education & Employment

Core Functions

The Vertical formulates innovative programs and policies tailored to the Education, Employment and allied sectors, addressing emerging challenges while capitalizing on opportunities. It also provides inputs, devices strategic interventions and renders guidance on key policy decisions to the Government of Tamil Nadu, by working closely with the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Employment & Labour
  • Youth Welfare & Sports Development
  • Tamil Development & Information
  • Tourism, Art & Culture and Hindu Religious Affairs.
Sectoral Discussions

The Vertical frequently facilitates stakeholder discussions with officials from relevant sectoral departments, addressing topical interests, issues, and challenges. Through these engagements, it formulates policies based on the insights gathered and offers valuable recommendations to the respective departments for the development of new policy initiatives. These recommendations are subsequently submitted to the Government for consideration.

Research & Knowledge Sharing

The Vertical engages in the Evaluation and Impact Assessment of flagship programs within these sectors. This process aims to identify bottlenecks and challenges in the last-mile connectivity of these programs. Where necessary, the findings contribute to the redesigning of existing programs for enhanced effectiveness. The Vertical also organises topical workshops that bring together key stakeholders and experts in the domain.

Sectoral Departments

This Vertical coordinates with the following sectoral departments and their line departments:

School Education
  • Directorate of School Education
  • Directorate of Elementary Education
  • Directorate of Matriculation schools
  • Directorate of Non-formal & Adult Education
  • Samagra Shiksha
  • State Council of Educational Research & Training
  • Directorate of Government Examinations
  • Directorate of Public Libraries
  • Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation
  • Teachers’ Recruitment Board
Higher Education
  • Directorate of Technical Education
  • Directorate of Collegiate Education
  • Department of Archives and Historical Research
  • Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education
  • Tamil Nadu State Council for Technical Education
  • State Project Directorate of Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)
  • Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology
  • Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Centre
  • Tamil Nadu State Urdu Academy
  • All Recognised Universities (Government)
Labour Welfare and Skill Development
  • Commissionerate of Labour
  • Directorate of Employment & Training Department
  • Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health
  • Directorate of Medical and Rural Health (ESI)
  • Institute of Labour Studies
  • Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Board
  • Construction Workers Welfare Board
Tourism, Culture & Religious Endowment
  • Directorate of Tourism
  • Directorate of Archaeology
  • Directorate of Government Museums
  • Directorate of Art& Culture
  • Directorate of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment
  • Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (TTDC)
Youth Welfare & Sports Development
  • Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT)
  • National Cadet Corps(NCC)
  • Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University (TNPESU)
Tamil Development and Information
  • Directorate of Tamil Development
  • Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project Department
  • Directorate of Information & Public Relations
  • Directorate of Stationery & Printing
  • International Institute of Tamil Studies
  • Tamil University
  • Tamil Virtual Academy
  • Directorate of Legal Studies
  • Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University

Assessments & Studies

Education Quality
Skill Enhancement
Vocational Education

Select2 Example

A study on the Evaluation of Semester-end question papers of the State Universities in Tamil Nadu (Arts, Science, Engineering Courses)

This study by the State Planning Commission, along with a panel of experts, evaluates semester-end question papers from various disciplines in Tamil Nadu’s State Read More

Characterisation of ancient mortar and simulation of new mortar at Naganathaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam and Thanjavur Palace for Restoration

This study focuses on ancient monuments, defining them as structures of historical, archaeological, or artistic significance existing for over 100 years. Read More

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A Study on School Dropouts In rural settings In Tamil Nadu with special reference to Vellore District

Despite the emphasis being given to education, knowledge, and literacy, many children still discontinue their school education. While initiatives for encouraging children in education have resulted in overall enrolment ratio, they Read More

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Community Colleges in the State of Tamil Nadu: An Evaluation with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU)

Community Colleges, prioritized by the Tamil Nadu government, offer skill-based learning for disadvantaged groups in collaboration with local industries and communities, aiming for skill-integrated and lifelong higher education opportunities. Read More

Study on Socio-Economic Backwardness and its linkage with literacy level in Villupuram district

This study focuses on the Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu, which ranks third lowest in literacy and second lowest in Human Development Index in the State, according to Census 2011. It explores the impact of socio-economic Read More

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Education Quality
Heritage Conservation
Skill Enhancement
Vocational Education

Select2 Example

Developing research questionnaire and data capturing & analysis using Computer-Based Technology

In higher education and academia, students and researchers regularly engage in data analysis, a task made more prevalent by the growing influence of data science. The surge in data analysis techniques has significantly expedited processes, enabling students to accomplish tasks in minutes that once took days. Given the critical role of data analysis in projects, from collection to knowledge generation, it becomes essential to enhance students’ knowledge in data science. The workshop’s objectives include creating awareness about the Read More

Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Institutions

In the 21st century, education plays a pivotal role in human capital formation, serving as a dynamic phenomenon crucial for personal and social development. The workshop aimed to enhance the efficacy of higher education in the state, focusing on Outcome-Based Education (OBE). It provided a platform for discussing OBE and sharing best practices related to identifying desired outcomes, designing outcome-based curricula, adopting effective teaching methods, teaching-learning pedagogical tools, and creating suitable assessment Read More

Potential and Prospects in Tourism sector of Tamil Nadu

Tourism – recognized for its employment generation and cultural exchange benefits – serves as a tool for national integration and socio-economic development. To explore the potential and prospects in the tourism sector in Tamil Nadu, the State Planning Commission organized a workshop. Themes focused on community-based Eco-Tourism in Forest Areas of Tamil Nadu, Heritage tourism, and the way forward and future planning for the Tourism sector. Key recommendations from this workshop include the need to create a comprehensive Read More

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Role of State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) on Educational Reforms in Tamil Nadu

The State Government’s vision to enhance teacher capacity building, research, and development for improved school education quality is carried out through the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). The workshop focused on gaining insights into the functions and activities of SCERT. Workshop recommendations advocate the introduction of a six-month internship program for DTEd., (akin to medical house surgeons) aimed at addressing teacher shortages in challenging terrains.An ICT Read More

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The role of Non-Formal Education in Total Literacy in Tamil Nadu

Literacy is at the heart of basic education and of all human capabilities. This workshop by the Planning Commission sought to highlight key themes and opportunities in this domain. A few of the recommendations following this workshop include the Non-Formal & Adult Education Department designing equivalent programs for the III, V, and VIII standard levels of the formal school system in collaboration with National/State Open School. The department is encouraged to explore involving Corporate/Public Sectors and Industries Read More

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Broad Basing Sports activity by Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT)
Tags:Skill Enhancement

SDAT oversees government sports policies, while the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University (TNPESU) focuses on promoting physical education and sports. A seminar on “Broad Basing Sports in Tamil Nadu” was conducted by the State Planning Commission, to highlight the significance of physical activity and sports. Based on this workshop, recommendations by the State Planning Commission include the establishment of exclusive sports schools in each district with integrated academic systems and world-class training Read More

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Ongoing Works

Current Studies/Assessments of Schemes
  • Early Career Trajectory – ITI & Polytechnic Students in Tamil Nadu
  • Work Force Participation of Women in Tamil Nadu
  • Evaluation of the scheme “Ennum Ezhuththum” – Analysis of school education data on the performance of teachers and students in the primary classes of Government schools in Tamil Nadu