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The State Planning Commission serves as an apex advisory body to the Government of Tamil Nadu. Its primary role is to provide evidence-based policy guidance, aimed at fostering holistic growth and development within the state. Under the guidance of the Honourable Chief Minister, the Commission actively engages in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies, with a specific focus on development, economic growth, social welfare and innovation.

The Commission reviews and monitors Government welfare programs to ensure effective delivery to the grassroots levels. It works closely alongside sectoral Government Departments, promotes knowledge sharing and facilitates collaborative initiatives for the State’s progress.


Agricultural Policy and Planning

The Agriculture Policy & Planning vertical of the State Planning Commission is entrusted with the objective of developing a comprehensive Agriculture Plan encompassing dimensions such as soil health, water, irrigation, nutrition, food processing, marketing, value addition, etc

Industries, Power and Transport

The Industries, Power, and Transport (IPT) Vertical drives the comprehensive development in Tamil Nadu’s trade and industry sectors via innovative policy formulation and stakeholder engagement. It oversees Industrial, Energy, Highways, and Transport activities, including key departments like MSMEs, Information & Technology, Handlooms & Textiles.

Land Use

The Land Use Vertical seeks to develop and promote policies for the prudent utilisation of land, the gathering of micro-level data on current land use, land resources, and land degradation, and the formulation of policy decisions about the most efficient use of available natural resources.

Education and Employment

The Education & Employment Vertical endeavours to empower individuals to reach their maximum potential, fostering their contribution to the country’s socio-economic development. The vertical carries out this goal by striving for universal quality education, seamless transitions from childhood to youth, and the provision of quality employment in the State.

Health and Social Welfare

The Health and Social Welfare Vertical is committed to enhancing the health, well-being and overall quality of life in Tamil Nadu. This Vertical oversees Public Health, Family Welfare, Women Empowerment, Nutrition, and champions for the well-being of socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

Rural Development and District Planning

The Rural Development & District Planning Vertical is committed to elevating Rural Development and related activities, with a focus on increasing employment and overall food production in the rural areas. It plays a pivotal role in formulating policies for Rural Development, Transformation, Housing, and Women Development, carefully considering economic conditions, policies, and development programs.

Plan Coordination

The Plan Coordination Vertical serves as a pivotal interface, linking the State Planning Commission, the Department of Planning and Development and NITI Aayog. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the seamless implementation of the Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiative (TANII) scheme, which funds innovation in public service delivery in the State.


The Administration vertical is the pivotal vertical overseeing the administrative matters concerning the dedicated staff and officers of the State Planning Commission, Tamil Nadu.


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