Industries, Power and

Core Functions

The Vertical designs programs and policies customized for the Industry, Energy, Highways and Transport sectors which tackle emerging challenges and leverage opportunities. It collaborates closely with these sectors, offering insights and recommendations for crucial policy decisions to the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Sectoral Discussions

The Vertical organizes regular engagements with officials from sectoral departments. These sessions aim to synchronize stakeholders on the progress of State or Central government schemes, exchange departmental best practices, pinpoint sectoral challenges, and chart a strategic course ahead. Planning Commission members contribute valuable insights and advocate for optimal practices, and these recommendations are then presented to the Government for thoughtful consideration.

Research & Knowledge Sharing

The Vertical conducts both in-house research studies and partners with research institutes and academia. These studies analyze emerging issues, bottlenecks in the industrial, energy, transportation sectors and the impact of various policies and developmental programmes..

The Vertical also organizes workshops that bring together key stakeholders and experts in these domains.

Sectoral Departments

This Vertical coordinates with the following sectoral departments and their line departments:

Industries, Investment Promotion and Commerce (IIPC)
  • Guidance TN 
  • State Industries Promotion Corporation of TN (SIPCOT) 
  • TN Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (TIDCO) 
  • TN Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd. (TIIC) 
  • TN Newsprints and Papers Ltd. (TNPL) 
  • TN Cements Corporation Ltd. (TANCEM) 
  • TN Salt Corporation Ltd
  • Department of Geology & Mining 
  • TN Minerals Ltd. (TAMIN) 
  • TN Magnesite Ltd. (TANMAG)
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
  • Commissionerate of Industries and Commerce (IC&DIC) 
  • TN Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd. (TANSIDCO) 
  • TN Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (TANSI) 
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) 
  • Facilitating MSMEs of Tamil Nadu (FaMeTN) 
  • TN Startup and Innovation Mission (Startup TN)
Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles & Khadi (HHTK)
  • Department of Handlooms 
  • Department of Textiles 
  • Department of Sericulture 
  • TN Khadi & Village Industries Board 
  • TN Handicrafts Development Corporation 
  • Co-optex (TN Handloom Weavers’ Cooperative Society)
  • TN Palm Products Development Board
Information Technology and Digital Services (IT&DS)
  • Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd. (ELCOT)
  • Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA) 
  • Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation (TACTV) 
  • Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Ltd. (TANFINET) 
  • Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA)
  • ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu
  • TN Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd.(TANGEDCO) 
  • TN Transmission Corporation Ltd. (TANTRANSCO) 
  • TN Energy Development Agency (TEDA) 
  • TN Electrical Inspectorate (TNEI) 
  • TN Power, Finance & Infrastructure Development Corporation. Ltd. (TNPFIDCL)
Highways & Minor Ports
  • Office of the Director General of Highways 
  • Highways Research Station 
  • TN Road Sector Project – II 
  • Tamil Nadu Road Development Company Ltd. (TNRDC) 
  • TN Road Infrastructure Development Corporation (TNRIDC) 
  • Tamil Nadu Maritime Board 
  • Poompuhar Shipping Corporation Ltd.
Transport Department

Transport Corporations

  • Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) 
  • State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) 
  • TNSTC Villupuram 
  • TNSTC Salem 
  • TNSTC Coimbatore 
  • TNSTC Kumbakonam 
  • TNSTC Madurai 
  • TNSTC Tirunelveli

Other associated organizations: 

  • Institute of Road Transport (IRT) 
  • Pallavan Transport Consultancy Services Ltd. (PTCS) 
  • TN Motor Vehicle Maintenance Department (MVMD) 
  • TN Transport Development Finance Corporation (TDFC)

Assessments & Studies

Strategies for doing business in the COVID-19 era – A catalyst for Revival of MSMEs

MSMEs, an important pillar of the Indian Economy faced tremendous strain during the COVID-19 pandemic. With about 22 lakh MSMEs in Tamil Nadu, providing employment for about 100 lakh people in non-agricultural activities, Read More

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Pre-Feasibility Study for the development of a large Multi-User, Non-Major Port in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, grappling with an acute power deficit, has spotlighted power generation in its Vision 2023 plan, aiming to add 20,000 MW of thermal power and construct two LNG terminals. The State Planning Commission Read More

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District Level Mapping of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – Pilot Project

The study aimed to systemically map economic activities in MSMEs at the district-level for intervention based on real-time data transfer. Tiruvannamalai, Theni, and Ariyalur were the selected districts for the pilot. Read More

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Impact of using Solar Water Pumping in Agriculture for Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, with nearly 12,000 villages and a significant reliance on agriculture, faces challenges in power distribution to its extensive network of agricultural pumps. While some areas – particularly in the catchment area of Cauvery – are well served by canal irrigation, several areas Read More

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Workshops and Seminars related to the sectors have been organized based on various concepts such as emerging issues, matters requiring immediate interventions, new themes etc. The recommendations of the workshops are forwarded to the concerned departments for suitable action. Some of the Workshops conducted by the Vertical are:

Solarisation of Farms in Tamil Nadu - Potential and its Challenges

Owing to growing demand for power and rising costs, focus needs to be given to protect the interests of farmers who increasingly rely on groundwater for irrigation.  At the same time, the TANGEDCO is facing crises to meet the requirements.   Solarisation of farms by setting up decentralised solar power generation in rural lands could be a promising alternative to address the crisis.  To explore the potential of solar based irrigation in the agriculture sector, State Planning Commission organised this workshop with experts Read More

Use of Solar Power in Agriculture and Agro Processing Industries

Energy is the major source for the development of agriculture and industry in Tamil Nadu. The region’s abundant solar radiation presents significant potential for solar-based power generation, particularly in agriculture and agro-processing. Key learnings from this workshop highlight the recognition of solar energy’s potential for water pumps, heating, and post-harvest applications. Emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of solar power compared to conventional electricity usage is advised. Similarly, emphasizing the operational costs beyond Read More

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Industrial Potential in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu

The State Planning Commission facilitated a workshop focusing on the ‘Industrial Potential in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu’. Identifying these districts as industrially backward, the workshop aimed to pinpoint deficiencies hindering industrial development. The findings underscored a lack of essential infrastructure, including power, water, and roads. To address this, the recommendation was to transform these southern districts into a ‘Global Manufacturing Business and Export Hub’ by enhancing infrastructure, attracting foreign Read More

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Ongoing Works

Current Studies/Assessments of Schemes
  • Feasibility study to assess the viability and scope of District Cooling projects in TN.
  • Study on “Changing Nature of Work – Implication for Female Employment and regional growth in TN”.
  • Study on ” Startup eco system in Tamilnadu: Opportunities and Challenges”
  • Study on Finding additional revenue sources for improving the funds for operation of efficient public transport system.