Focus Blocks Development Programme 

Focus Blocks Development


The spatial distribution of economic development in Tamil Nadu is more equitable than in other developed states in India. Intra-state differences however exist, resulting in differential demand for development. The development demand across the state differs due to differences in the underlying socio-economic forces and resources in regions. There are regions/blocks that have higher levels of development demand in terms of larger government expenditure requirements on basic public utilities and support systems. Spatial targeting of public expenditures on specific blocks is a legitimate approach to equitable spread of development opportunities across blocks. 

In consonance with this approach to regional development, the Hon’ble Minister for Finance announced the 50 Focus Blocks Development Programme (Priority Blocks Programme including Hill area regions) in the Budget 2023-2024.

The Government of Tamil Nadu sanctioned a sum of Rs.100 crore for implementation of the 50 Focus Blocks Development Programme (Priority Blocks including Hill area regions) for the Financial Year 2023-2024. The total allocation per block shall be Rs. 5 crore over a period of three years. 

The FBDP is being implemented by the State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu.


The primary objective of the scheme is to identify blocks that require additional government assistance while converging the existing departmental schemes to improve public utilities and the lives of poorer households. 

The secondary objective is to create capacity in the block level administrative machinery to strive for augmenting development resources and deploy them effectively to achieve faster development in relation to other regions in the state.

Government Order

The State Planning Commission has identified 50 backward blocks, drafted guidelines for the Focus Blocks Development Programme, and is awaiting a Government Order for implementation.