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Affordable Urban Housing and Habitat Policy 2020(Sectoral)

The Tamil Nadu government is aware that the state’s current rate and scope of home construction may not be sufficient to meet the growing demand. The Tamil Nadu government is dedicated to resolving supply-side obstacles to guarantee the availability of affordable housing on the scale required to support projected urban expansion.

The Government wants to shift to a model where State-led affordable housing provision is augmented by a strong affordable housing market to preserve its standing as a progressive State. This will guarantee access to affordable housing for the poor and middle classes, give priority to the most in need of scarce public resources, remove supply-side constraints, and increase the involvement of the private sector in the provision of affordable housing.


The Policy aims to make more affordable urban dwelling options available. The main policy tenets and policy emphasis areas are directed by the overarching policy purpose. For everyone to have access to cheap housing, the way that affordable housing is now provided by the public sector needs to be changed.

Policy Principles 

The following guiding principles will serve as the foundation for the policies, organizations, initiatives, and decision-making procedures that are supported by the Tamil Nadu Affordable Urban Housing and Habitat Policy.

Initiatives to increase the availability of affordable housing in Tamil Nadu are focused on three policy areas: policies and institutions, regulations, and programs.


Year: 2020

Department:  Housing and Urban Development

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