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Draft Policy for Art, Culture & Language

The formulation of this policy is driven by the objective of fostering the dissemination, promotion, and development of the Tamil language, literature, art, and culture. It aims to strengthen the bond among Tamil arts practitioners in Tamil Nadu, inspire artists in their respective fields, and introduce innovative educational programs that align with the principles of art aesthetics.

Central to this policy is the revitalization of the arts, encompassing modernization and economic upliftment for artists. Additionally, the policy emphasizes collaborative initiatives, cultural research, and a focus on the use of language to articulate the social impact of art, thereby elevating the cultural sophistication of the broader population.


Year: 2023

Department: Department of Art & Culture, Tamil Development Department 

Language and culture integrationcultural policy implementationTamil language developmentTamil literatureeducationeducationcollaborationresearchsocial impactartistsheritage