Environment & Forests

Policy on Invasive Plants & Ecological Restoration 2022(Sectoral)

This policy aims to identify, stop the spread of, appropriately control, and eradicate all invasive alien plant species in the state of Tamil Nadu’s wetland and terrestrial ecosystems. It also prevents the incidental or deliberate introduction of invasive alien plant species.

  1. The geographic and taxonomic range further described below is limited to invasive alien plant species found in Tamil Nadu.
  2. The policy’s taxonomic range is limited to the vascular plant species that belong to the Clade Tracheophyta, which comprises angiosperms, club mosses, horsetails, ferns, and gymnosperms, including conifers.



  1. To create a thorough policy framework for the management and control of invasive alien plant species in freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the ecological restoration of habitats in Tamil Nadu.
  2. To determine the presence of invasive alien plant species in Tamil Nadu, compile a list of them, define the affected region, evaluate it, and rank the most troublesome species so that suitable control or eradication measures can be taken.
  3. To establish a connection between the management of invasive alien plant species and suitable techniques and policies for the ecological restoration of natural habitats to restore Tamil Nadu’s native ecosystems and species.
  4. To find the proper institutional and legal frameworks and to reinforce the management reaction.


Year: 2022

Department:  Environment and Forests

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