Social Welfare

State Policy for Women 2021(Sectoral)

The Tamil Nadu State Policy for Women 2021 is a landmark initiative, anchored in the conviction that women’s empowerment encompasses multiple dimensions, from self-worth and decision-making to access to opportunities and the power to shape their lives. Stemming from a resolution by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the policy strives to create a safe, equitable environment, aligning with the WHO – RESPECT framework to prevent violence against women. With a vision to provide equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination, the policy sets forth ambitious objectives, including improving nutritional outcomes, expanding women’s entrepreneurship, bridging the digital gender gap, and enhancing institutional credit access. Over five years, it aims to uplift women across sectors, foster gender equality, and ensure the safety and well-being of all women in Tamil Nadu.


Year: 2021

Department:  Social Welfare and Women Empowerment Department

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